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Student Loans

Student Choice

The only thing more stressful than college is how to fund your education. At T&I Credit Union we’re here to help you with that. Take advantage of the easy to use student loan service we provide to our member.

  • Our student loans are with us, but serviced through a partnered company “Student Choice”
  • Their user-friendly website will help you every step of the way:
    • Before applying, applicants answer some basic questions to see if they are eligible
    • Once eligible, users are taken right to the application page

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College Package


  • Savings account (We will match your initial deposit up to $25.00)
  • Checking account
  • Debit Card (upon opening a checking account)
  • Visa Card (with co-signer or proof of employment)
  • $25.00 Staples gift card

Schools we Have Branches in

We establish a satellite branch in the lunch room of these school on the days listed below where students can make deposits into their account and spin a prize wheel for making any size of deposit.



Time (During Lunches)

Elementary Schools


Two Tuesday’s a month



Two Monday’s a month



Two Wednesday’s a month


PDF Calendars for each school coming soon!

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